Unlimited Internet Information

Both Bell and Rogers are currently offering an "unlimited internet" add-on to their internet packages. Here are the details for each one.

Bell Unlimited Internet

As of January 28th 2013, Bell is offering an unlimited internet add-on to their internet packages. What does this mean? You can completely remove your internet cap/usage limit (the maximum number of GB allowed per month, sometimes mistakenly refered to as "Bandwidth"). This will allow you to download, stream, and watch as many movies, songs, TV shows, programs, or webpages as you like, without worrying about overage fees.

How Much Does it Cost?

Bell is advertising their unlimited internet plan as a $10/month add-on, but that is only when your internet is in a bundle. They define this as being subscribed to at least 3 services (eg. Homephone, TV, Internet). In order to qualify for the bundle, one of your 3 services MUST be Bell TV.

If you are subscribed to fewer then 3 services, the unlimited internet add-on will cost $30/month.

What's the Catch?

As far as we can tell, there isn't one. If it interests you, here is their fineprint:

Rogers Unlimited Internet

Rogers now offers two Unlimited Internet packages, that offer an unlimited amount of usage. The two "Unlimited Internet" packages offered by Rogers are the Rogers Ignite 100u (Unlimited) and Rogers Ignite 200u (Unlimited) packages.

The two lower tiers of internet service offered by Rogers are not eligible for Unlimited Internet, so you cannot have Unlimited Internet on the Rogers Ignite 60 and Rogers Internet 30 packages. On these two packages, Rogers will charge a fee of $1.50 per GB when exceeding your usage allowance.

Previous unlimited internet offerings by Rogers of $10/month in a bundle, or $30/month for unlimited internet without a bundle, are no longer offered.

What's The Price?

The two Unlimited Internet packages offered by Rogers are currently priced at $84.99 and $94.99/month, that is without a bundle. It is possible to get savings when bundling together with TV and Hompehone connections with Rogers.

Previous Rogers Unlimited Internet add-ons are no longer available, so these are your only options for Unlimited. With the other Rogers Internet plans, you will be charged $1.50/GB when exceeding your allowance.

Whats the catch?

There is no additional charge per GB for Unlimited Internet plans, the only stipulation is that your use is "subject to Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy".