Internet Usage Calculator

Use our handy Internet Usage Calculator to estimate your monthly bandwidth requirements. Simply plug in the your average weekly usage into the table below. When you're ready, click the "Calculate" button to see the results.

Be sure to take into account all family members or users, not just yourself, for a proper estimate.

 Average Weekly Usage

Total for Entire Household

Monthly Total

Estimated Usage

Browsing and Email

Email, Shopping, Reading

Hours / Week0.6 GB
Music Downloads

eg. iTunes, P2P, BeeMP3.

Songs / Week0.2 GB
Music Streaming

eg. Grooveshark, Pandora, Spotify

Hours / Week0.9 GB
Online Videos

eg. Youtube, Vimeo, BBC iPlayer

Hours / Week6 GB
Movies (High Definition)

eg. Netflix, P2P Downloads

Movies / Week9.6 GB
TV Shows (High Definition)

eg. Netflix, Hulu

Episodes / Week14 GB
Social Networking

eg. Facebook, Twitter

Hours / Week2.2 GB

Phone Chat, Video Chat

Hours / Week0.2 GB
Estimated Monthly Usage33.7 GB